A town with brimming traffic and an always-on-the-go population, the urban jungle that is Hong Kong can get a bit stressful at times. Luckily though there are countless things you can do to help you relax and today we’ll be taking a look at ten of those.

1) Take a hike to clear the mind
There’s nothing quite like some fresh air and the sight of lush vegetation to clear noisy brains and Castle Peak is but one of the many hiking trails offering just that. Its steep slopes ensure exercise as well as great scenery to keep your worries at bay.

2) Sit down with a stiff drink
Ah yes, the general cure for everything that ails the mind. Hong Kong has plenty of these in store for you presenting numerous 5-star bars including Duddell’s and the New Punjab Club which serve up excellent vintage champagne and gin respectively.

3) Pat a seal
A dog is man’s best friend on land but, in the sea, that title belongs to a seal. You’ll get the opportunity to experience the affectionate and playful creature at Ocean Park and by the end of it, you are sure to come out all smiles.

4) Shake it off
A little dancing can also help you shake off your troubles with the Russ Dance Factory showing you how to get your groove on as directed by legendary choreographer Russ himself. From hip hop to Latin pump, you’ll feel a lot better about yourself when you’re done.

5) Slumber within the embrace of an isolation tank
Head on over to FloatonHK for a unique R&R session of floating therapy. This program entails lying face up on warm Epsom salt water within a cozy bathtub-like tank as you block out the rest of the world and delve into a deep state of meditation.

6) Taking a sensual Hong Kong massage
Taking a sensual Hong Kong massage is an excellent way to release all that pent-up energy eating away at your mind and soul and gain peace with the world once more. Beyond the mind, Tui Na also holds plenty of physiological benefits including fighting arthritis, respiratory disorders, and chronic fatigue.

7) Hit someone
Don’t do so on the street because then you’ll probably get arrested- or sent to the hospital- but within one of Hong Kong’s self-defense institutions. There you can learn the art of self-dense whilst drowning out your woes and channeling your frustrations elsewhere.

8) Go bird-watching
Few creatures seem as peaceful as our feathery friends whose mantra in life seems to be living without a care in the world. Their tranquility is infectious and you can get a generous serving of that in addition to solace at the Hong Kong Park in central which is home to upwards of 80 bird species.

9) Cuddle with a therapy dog
A little furry love goes a long way. Something the Hong Kong Therapy Dog Association knows all too well hence is always on call to provide a tail-wiggling doggo that’s sure to cheer you up. Science substantiates that petting a dog is actually good for your blood pressure among other things.

10) Visit an island
Getting away from the city can be just what you need to reset and Lamma Island just a short ferry trip from the mainland is an excellent option. With hidden coves and nice sandy shores presenting fairytale sunsets, stress will be the last thing on your mind.

Who says you can’t relax in Hong Kong because these 10 tips definitely prove otherwise.

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