So you are visiting Hong Kong for the first time; welcome to one of the busiest cities in the world. Frankly, the city is full of activities that may make you get lost in its rhapsodic atmosphere. However, there are times you feel restive and you may need a serene spot to calm your tense nerves. Such places are not wanting in Hong Kong; and here, we are providing you with 5 best tranquil spots you should relax.

5 Best Places You Should Relax While in Hong Kong
1. Nan Lian Garden
This an amazing Chinese garden of classic elegance. It was built according to Tang Dynasty style and with an exceptional architectural design. If you are looking for a serene spot with a soothing natural breeze, this is the best place for you as the garden has two water ponds and a lot of trees that gust out the gentle calming breeze. It is surrounded by picturesque sceneries, beautiful skyscrapers and alluring mountain ranges, such as the Temple Hill, Lion Rock, Kowloon Peak and Tate’s Cairn. Spending a moment in Nan Lian Garden can make you forget the rest of the world. The garden is located at 60 Fung Tak Road, Ha Yuen Leng, Hong Kong.
2. Tsz Shan Monastery
This spot is a Buddhist monastery with remarkable tranquillity, located in Tong Tsz, Tai Po District, Hong Kong. If you need a place away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, the Chinese Monastery will assuredly assuage your strong desire. The moment you step in, you will be greeted with a feeling of hush descending over you, and before you know it, your stiff nerves and muscles are relaxed. No matter how restive a mind is, it will be overwhelmed by the incredible serenity and the charming surroundings. It is a place you will love visiting to relax often.
3. Victoria Peak Garden
You desire to pull yourself out of the restless moments of life and escape into the world full of repose, you may have to consider Victoria Peak Garden. It is a place of exceptional calmness and peaceful atmosphere. The garden is characterized by its lush lawns and evergreen trees surrounded by the striking views of mountaintops and Padogas. It is a vantage point that allows you to capture the picturesque view of the Victoria Habour and the night view of the amazing scenery of Hong Kong. This garden is located at 31 Lugard Road, the PeaK Lugard Road, the Peak, Hong Kong.
4. Tap Mun
Tap Mun is one of the perfect spots to relax in Hong Kong. It is an Island inhabited by only 100 people, perhaps the reason for its restfulness. It is a serene place for you to relax while staying away from the hectic streets of Hong Kong. The Island is also called Grass Land because it is densely covered with grass, though trees are present. It is surrounded by lovely coastlines and pristine beaches along its shores, as well as scenic hilltops. The Island is located in the Northeast of Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong.
5. Long Ke Wan
Among the stunning beaches in Hong Kong, Long Ken Wan is distinguished for its exceptional calm and reposeful atmosphere. You will be dazzled by the silky white sand beaches and the crystal clear water. The coastline is surrounded by green hilltops that offer the eyes a lovely scenery. The beach records few visitors as you will have to hike a hill from the East Dam or board a boat from Sai Kong Pier to the beach. However, if you desire a fitting place for relaxation, this beach is perfect for you.
There are many spots and places in Hong Kong that will relax your mind, body and soul. Hong Kong is the perfect city if you are searching for this kind of stuff, you can find everything here, from relaxing Hong Kong massage to greatest food you will ever eat. It’s a city that you will fall in love and cannot wait to come back.
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