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SpiceJet offers ‘free flight tickets’ for Delhi assembly election 2020 voters! Casting votes on the election day matters the most in India. However, people residing outside their cities and states in India often face the situation of not being able to exercise their democratic rights due to long-distance travelling. With an aim to fly voters home for ‘free’, SpiceJet has launched a ‘SpiceDemocracy campaign’. Under this campaign, SpiceJet is providing select registered voters of Delhi Assembly election 2020 ‘free round trip tickets’ to national capital from the city in which they are residing.

SpiceJet ‘free’ flight ticket offer for Delhi election 2020 voters

SpiceJet’s hundreds of ‘free’ tickets are being offered to select registered electorates of Delhi election on its network. However, passengers will have to pay the taxes levied on flight tickets. Delhi election voters need to register with SpiceJet. Registrations are opened till February 5. Once you do the registration, you will be eligible to get SpiceJet round trip tickets if you are willing to return on the Delhi election day. Delhi election will be held on February 8. Apart from this, SpiceJet will also offer a one-way ‘free’ ticket if the registered voters plan to fly on February 7 and return on February 8 or fly on February 8 and return on February 9.

Registered voters, who want to avail this offer, must visit the registration page on the official website of SpiceJet- www.spicejet.com/spicedemocracy. They need to register themselves and share their respective stories which inspire them to vote. Based on the registration, SpiceJet will shortlist participants from several locations and provide ‘free’-round trip tickets based on their travel dates.

After casting their votes, the flyer will have to post their inked marked selfies with the campaign #SpiceDemocracy to re-emphasize that they actually voted and fulfilled their responsibilities. Through the journey, the participants are encouraged to share their story online to inspire others to let distances not come in their way, SpiceJet said in its statement.

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