Hanuwantiya, which is situated by the bank of Indira Sagar dam, some four-hour run from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, is an adventure tourism destination.

By Suman Bajpai

When one first hears about Jal Mahotsav, immediately our imagination starts wandering in the sea and its beautiful life. It’s true that water is an important element of our life and we all want to touch the waves of rivers, sea or want to hear the flowing streams. But if in a place which gives you the feel of an island, you get the chance to explore and freely boost your adventure, then certainly you would like to go there again and again.

Hanuwantiya, which is situated by the bank of Indira Sagar dam, some four-hour run from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, is an adventure tourism destination. Along with abundant natural beauty, it offers a wide array of water sports during ‘Jal Mahotsav’ which has started from 3 rd January. As you reach there, the vastness and purity of Narmada river attracts you. Its tributary Tawa river merges with it and serenity of water splashes visitors with warmth. Clear skies dotted with majestic white clouds, emerald green foliage and, best of all, clean blue waters that remind one of the Mediterranean. Start your day by waking up in your own luxury tent to a picture-perfect sunrise, and see the golden light just melt over the trees and water. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the tented city, overlooking the beautiful blue waters.

Paradise for adventure seekers

Hanuwantiya host India’s only and largest water carnival, Jal Mahotsav, every year, organised by Madhya Pradesh Tourism. This magnificent event is a paradise for adventure seekers, art lovers, foodies and tired-of-the-urban-chaos people. Once entering in the premise of the complex which is around 20 acres, one can really experience the largeness of that island. Make-shift tent city for accommodation is spread in 10 acres. It has 104 tents which have a cemented base rather than having a wooden base. 13 are ultra-luxury tents, and rest are luxury tents. It has a huge dining hall, boat club, and during the night one can enjoy the colourful cultural activities.

Basically, there are two kinds of sports activities, you can indulge in aero activity like paramotors, and water sports like speed boat, Banana ride, Bumper ride, Jet Ski. Parasail over the blue waters of the Indira Sagar dam or go jet skiing. If you have children with you, opt for a motorboat or a banana ride and speed away into the waters. Want to enjoy the water without getting too wet? Well, for this you can go zorbing, an adventure sport where you roll in the water in a large orb made of transparent plastic. Rest are land activity like cart ride, ziplining, wall climbing, paintball, volleyball, archery, kite-flying and riding ATVs. etc. And one can not miss Hot air Baloon ride which is a tethered flight. For those who want to go off the beaten track, Jal Mahotsav has all-terrain vehicles for your racing pleasure. More so, in this peace you can discover oneself, you can explore surroundings, and above all the sound of water which flows in many moods.

(Suman Bajpai is an avid traveller. Views expressed in the article are personal. )

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