It’s quite easy to engage in most of the sporting activities without much ado, but, have you ever thought of skiing? Well, this is one activity that cannot be undertaken in a blink of an eye. You need to make the right preparations for the trip to an ideal skiing location. The current market offers a lot of destinations but one that has gained a unique standing is Jahorina in Bosnia. The place is such a worthy destination to an extent that the 14th winter Olympics were held here. For this reason, it’s certainly a treat if you get to add to your skills in this world-class venue. In order to have this experience and create memories, there are certain things you must know of first.

Jahorina slopes

For starters, you need to know how to get to this location in Bosnia. The very first step is to get a plane to Sarajevo in Bosnia. Sarajevo has always been used as the best starting point to Jahorina and this can be attributed to the different means of transport available. After getting to Sarajevo, there are a number of transportation choices you can choose from. On road transport, you have the choice of taking a bus or getting a taxi. You can board a bus that goes to Belgrade via Jahorina thereby dropping you at the place. Alternatively, just get a taxi which will get you to Jahorina comfortably without much hustle. Apart from road, you can also use a train which is notably cheaper than the former means.

After getting there, the other thing one needs to consider is how much to part with in terms of accommodation. In this respect, there is a great offing of hotels with varied prices per night. Some of the most priced hotels will set you back $120 or more but if you are working on a shoestring budget, there are some places that charge below $40. Other costs you will incur include lift pass which is about $18 but probably cheaper if you get a ticket for multiple days and also renting the skiing gear at about $12 if you don’t have one.


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Apart from the access and cost, the most important thing to know is what to expect in terms of skiing experience; how the slopes are. Well, there are three main levels available which include the easy one, intermediate and difficult. If you are starting off a new or you are not an experienced skier, it’s better to ski more on the easy level and slightly on the intermediate level. For the Pros, how about giving that extreme level a try and finding out how your skills play in your favor.

In addition to this, it is also important to know vital details concerning the mountain skiing here. Jahorina is available for skiing about 175 days in a year. This is precisely between the months of October and May.
The depth of the snow in the month of February is about 106cm and can hit 3m in some seasons. Also, while skiing here, you get about 25km of skiing distance and an elevation of between 920-1890m.

Conclusively, if you are planning to go on a skiing trip, make a point of giving Jahorina a look as one of your main options. The experience and history of the place in terms of events held here will give you a great and memorable time.

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