Zadar, Croatia

Zadar, Croatia

Zadar is one of the oldest city in Croatia, being founded more than 2000 years ago. The city is not very large and it only has around 75,000 inhabitants. However, its position as well as its main attractions, make from Zadar a very picturesque city and an important touristic destination. During its rich history, Zadar went through a lot of wars, but it still managed to keep its identity intact and to remain the great city that it is today. Bellow, I will tell you more about this amazing city and also present you its main attractions.

1) Visit the surroundings

Before visiting any particular attraction, you should take your time and admire the overall greatness of the city. You can observe that this city is very tourist-friendly, from the moment you arrive here. Most of the streets are especially designed for pedestrians and you will wander around for hours, without noticing how time flies. The most famous and probably the oldest street in Zadar is Kalelarga which is also known as “Wide Street”. The numerous monuments and architectural wonders will amaze you and you will feel like you’re visiting an outdoor live museum, especially when you see The Sphinx of Zadar. Zadar is not just a historic city and it successfully combines its great history with some modern attractions and constructions. All that, framed into a true natural paradise.

St. Donatus Church

St. Donatus Church


The Sphinx of Zadar; Image courtesy: oanababy (Flickr)

2) Climb the Sea Organ

Sea Organ is located on the Western part of Zadar, right on the coast. You will notice it right away, because of its unique design, in form of some perfectly shaped stairs, which descend right in the sea. The interesting thing about those stairs, is that they all contain some pipes, which have whistles attached to them. Whenever the sea pushes through the pipes, you can hear the tones, or the “Orchestra of Nature” as the locals like to call it. The “Sea Organ” is beyond everything, a perfect example of what mankind and nature can do, when they work together, and it’s certainly a “must visit” attraction while in Zadar.


Sea Organ; Image courtesy: linssimato (Flickr)

3) Admire the Forum

This construction is one of the best preserved monuments from the Roman era. The Forum is designed as a city square and it was the main point of the city, during its golden days. However, this monument impresses through its multicultural features. Besides the Roman constructions, there are several medieval churches laid, as well as many statues. Near the Forum, you can find many museums, containing some interesting artifacts. We recommend you to visit the Forum with a guide, because everything there, has an interesting story and it’s great to hear them all.


Forum in Zadar, Image courtesy: Michael Pollak (Flickr

4) Walk on the seafront

Besides its impressive cultural and architectural attractions, Zadar is also a coastal city. After you finish visiting all the interesting monuments, you have to take a walk on the seafront and admire how the Adriatic Sea is blending with the shore, in a very picturesque scenery. If you manage to catch the sunset, you will witness a heavenly view of the sun, slowly sinking into the sea. No wonder that more and more people are deciding to buy houses in Zadar, especially near the shore. Considering that we’re talking about a relatively unknown city, you can still find some cheap houses here. However, this city is gaining a fast popularity and the specialists consider that the real estate market will simply explode in the following years. We don’t know if this is true or not, but we do know that buying a house in Zadar is a smart investment, which will worth its entire value.

The Greeting to the Sun

The Greeting to the Sun

Zadar is considered by many an unexploited paradise. This is the perfect location for you, if you like to visit a great city, which is not as crowded as any other similar touristic locations. Zadar allows you to enjoy a perfect vacation, without endless lines and jammed streets, letting you cherish every single moment spent here.
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