We can agree that Vis Island is a true paradise for the fans of sailing. From the numerous coves and bays to the beautiful pebble beaches to the delicious fish to the good weather there is no reason why you should not be considering sailing around Vis island. The hills, cliffs and beautiful nature neighboring the sailing routes makes Vis sailing breathtaking experience for every sailor. Some of the main destinations are Vis and Komiza town. While Visiting these destinations some of the interesting things to catch up with include;


Stinivia bay
Vis Island is full of beautiful beaches with Stiniva beach being the most popular. This beach is found on the southern side of Vis Island and has perfect weather conditions so be sure to experience one of your most memorable swimming expeditions. The best time to enjoy swimming alone is during the morning hours when there are few visitors. The Stiniva cove is protected and you can easily reach it using a yacht to explore its pebble beach.

Komiza Town

Komiza town

Your next destination after Stiniva should be Komiza town which is a few sailing miles away. Taking a day trip to Komiza will give you a chance to wander around this beautiful old fishing village. You can also visit fishing museums where you can enjoy the Falkusa and other old fishing equipment like nets and hooks. There are also traditional cuisines that offer quality local wine and seafood delicacies that you can enjoy by the beach.

Komiza is cut from Vis Island by a hill offering a beautiful view. To the left of Komiza is Kut place and on its right is Vis. There is Tiha cove where you can anchor and take time to enjoy the afternoon activities, like sunbathing or swiming. Visiting Komiza during the summer will give you a chance to experience the many boats that circulate this town. You can also take a walk to Stoncica where you can see the lighthouse.

Sand bays

If you are a fanatic of sand then visiting the beautiful bays like Milna, Zaglav and Smokova bay will serve you well. These bays can be found across the Budikovac, which is on the eastern side of Vis, and are popular destinations for day trips. You will get to enjoy sailing and anchoring especially when the weather is calm and conducive.

Underground caves and tunnels

Military tunels
To make your visit to Vis more interesting, never miss booking a military tour. There are several tunnels and caves that will surely offer you a unique experience. The highlight being the underground submarine tunnel that is located on the northern side of the island. You can see these caves and tunnels as you sail around Vis island. There are over 26 other caves to enjoy with Blue Cave in Bisevo Island providing a beautiful natural phenomenon.

Major anchorages

Vis also has a lot of anchorages that can allow you to anchor your yacht and enjoy what the town can offer. Some of them are;  Stonica which is found in north northeast of Vis Town that offers great anchorage almost all year round.  At the head of this inlet, there is a restaurant where you can refresh yourself with cold beer and great food. The main anchorage you can use in the north of Vis Town is the Rogacic.

Indeed if you want to enjoy all kinds of wonders then Vis is one of the best destination to sail in Croatia. You will enjoy the beach Stiniva, the military caves, several bays, and towns of Vis and Komiza. It will be an experience of a lifetime.

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