There is nothing better than enjoying a day under the sun at the beach, with a drink on your hand, feeling the sand under your feet and the light breeze blowing from the ocean. That’s why tourism is such a big industry, bringing an astronomical amount of revenue to cities and countries. That gives the traveler about a million options to choose from, especially if you’re talking about beaches and summertime fun. Every place has it’s own qualities and uniqueness, but here are the three absolute best destinations for traveling during the summer:

1- Hawaii

Call it an obvious choice, but Hawaii remains one of the best summertime travel destinations in the world. And it is no wonder that the island is that famous. The bright blue waters, stunning leis, and vast cultural and historical heritage make the islands an absolute must-visit. You can go to Honululu, the busy capital that is booming with restaurants, world-class hotels, and nightlife. Or, even better, take some time to explore the volcanoes, parks and absolutely beautiful beaches in Maui. Not to mention Oahu, Pearl Harbor, Kauai… It is a whole archipelago filled with possibilities.

2- Brazil

Brazil is known all around the world for its tropical scenery and kind-hearted people, making it one of the top destinations for travelers from around the globe. It is one of the largest countries in the world, so not all of it is beaches and summertime fun: it is a great destination for year-round travel. Around the summer months (December – March), visiting the northwestern portion of the country is a great choice. Because why go to São Paulo and Rio like everyone else when there is so much more to explore elsewhere? There are cities like Fortaleza, a booming metropolis with beautiful beaches and sandy dunes; Olinda, a city that is rich in history and captivates visitors with it’s unique architecture; Recife, where bright blue water beaches are lined with huge buildings on its shorelines; and Natal, a place that will win your heart over with it’s quiet beaches and rocky landscapes. There is no doubt about it: Brazil offers a plethora of stunning beaches and a booming tourism industry, that will cater to every type of traveler.

3- Croatia

Croatia has amazing clear water beaches that make it one of the best summer destinations in Europe. My advice is stay in apartments in Croatia all summer long to have the chance to visit all the best beaches the country has to offer. Like Spiaza on the island of Susak, for instance. It is only accessible by ferryboat, and it has about a kilometer of shallow pool-like waters to relax in. Queen’s Beach is also a great choice when visiting the country, with plenty of sand space and a stunning view of the mountains. Also, Lovrecina Bay, with bright blue waters sprinkled with boats and mountains lining the horizon line. Croatia might not the most traditional choice for traveling, but that only ads to the excitement. It is, truly, a beautiful destination for your summer trip

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