If you’re traveling to Hong Kong in the near future, continue reading to discover a few invaluable tips, which have been designed to make touring Hong Kong a breeze.

The best tour tips for Hong Kong:

1. Take a high-speed train from Kowloon International Airport to Hong Kong Island
Forget booking an Uber or hailing a cab as the simplest, fastest way to get to Hong Kong Island is to catch the Airport Express, which you’ll find is conveniently located right outside customs and immigration. Make sure to purchase your Airport Express tickets online, ahead of time, in order to save up to 30% off your train tickets.
If you’re curious it takes just 24 minutes to get to Hong Kong Island via the Airport Express and tickets are affordably priced at $6 for a one-way ticket.
2. Use an Octopus card to explore Hong Kong without spending a small fortune
If you’re keen on the idea of using public transportation in order to explore Hong Kong and to mix and mingle with locals, it’s well worth purchasing an Octopus card. If you choose to purchase an Octopus card you’ll be able to load money onto your card, so that you’ll be able to utilize Hong Kong’s world-class transportation system, without having to fumble around with foreign cash.
If you’re interested you can purchase your reloadable Octopus card at the Airport Express Station at the airport or at any MTR station, 7 Eleven stores or Mc Donalds restaurant, that you come across.
3. Consider booking a food tour
If you want to ensure that you’ll be able to sample the best local delicacies and don’t want to waste valuable vacation time wandering Hong Kong’s streets trying to find the best dishes on offer, it’s well worth booking a food tour of Hong Kong. As your local guide will be able to show you the best local eateries which offer mouth-watering food at unbeatable prices.
So if you’d rather eat at eateries which are frequented by locals instead of cafes and restaurants which are clearly aimed at foreign tourists, it’s definitely worth booking a food tour.
4. Purchase a cheap umbrella
When you arrive in Hong Kong, it’s well worth purchasing an inexpensive umbrella as Hong Kong averages around 101 rainy days per year. So chances are high that you’ll get caught in the rain at least once.
5. Consider booking accommodation at a centrally located hotel
If you choose to stay at a centrally located hotel in Hong Kong’s city center, you should find that you’ll be able to walk to the vast majority of exciting attractions on offer.
6. Treat yourself to a Hong Kong massage
If you feel worn out after a few days of sight-seeing the best way to feel rejuvenated again is to treat yourself to a Hong Kong massage.
7. Consider taking a cab to the top of Victoria Peak
If you don’t have the patience to wait in line to take a tram to the top of Victoria Peak, opt to take a cab to the top of Victoria Peak instead.
So if you have your heart set on touring Hong Kong, which happens to be one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, it’s well worth utilizing the handy travel tips listed above!
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