Given the many captivating and unique tourist destinations in Croatia, Coming up with a list of the best spots is exceptionally hard. This Mediterranean country boasts of a magnificent 1778 km long coast placing it among the most popular beach destinations in Europe. Its ancient towns, sapphire waters and a whopping 1185 islands have really put it on the world tourism scene. Here is a list of the most beautiful places to tour in Croatia.

1. Dubrovnik


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This magical city definitely steals the show. It’s easy to see why it is referred to as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. It is largely known for its glorious old town encircled with massive sea walls overlooked by the imposing Lovrijenac fortress. Other well-preserved buildings in the city range from churches-St Blaise Church, museums, and monasteries. This superb city is also not short of accommodations depending on your budget. From hostels to 5-star hotels and high-class restaurants. You also get lots of opportunities to visit nearby islands and if you are feeling more adventurous why not visit the neighboring countries of Montenegro or Bosnia & Herzegovina?

2. Pula


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Welcome to Pula, home to the sixth largest surviving Roman arena. This is the only arena in the world with a complete circle of wall. Today it is used as an outdoor cinema and also hosts world-class festivals. The seafood in Pula is excellent owing to the fact that it is a major fishing port. Finally get to tingle your taste buds with the freshest and tastiest cuisine you have experienced.

3. Split


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Another top attraction is Croatia’s second largest city. The massive Diocletian’s palace is the city’s top attraction. If you have room for just one thing when visiting Split, then it should be exploring this outstanding palace. However, you can also enjoy some pretty awesome outdoor activities such as rock climbing, sailing tours, and water rafting.

4. Mljet Island

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If you are an outdoor fan, you will find paradise in Mljet. Found on the southernmost part of Croatia, The island is largely covered by forests and the rest is punctuated with fields, vineyards and glittering salt-water lakes. At the western tip of the island, you will find Mljet National Park.

5. Rovinj


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This picturesque town is considered the star attraction in Istria. With its colorful houses, Rovinj is one of those places that you just feel great walking around.

6. Hvar town


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Get seduced by the fruit orchards, lavender fields and olive groves that line up this town. It is a popular holidaying spot especially in the summer due to its great weather. It boasts of the longest annual average hours of sun in the country. There is also a number of classy hotels located in this town.

7. Zagreb


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Despite many preferring the Croatian coast, this elegant capital is perfect for short breaks. There are several sites to see- the cathedral, Kamenita Vrata, Lotrscak tower and more. The night-life in this city is also amazing. Plenty of clubs and bars to waste the night off. You can call it “partying the Zagreb style.”

8. Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Waterfalls

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Sixteen interconnecting waterfalls. Where else do you match that. The Plitvice lakes are popular for their unique colors; green, azure, blue, and are regarded as one of Europe’s most beautiful natural destinations. Definitely no surprise there. You can also enjoy bird watching as the lake area is home to a wide variety of bird and animal species.

Apart from these 8 places, Croatia is full of other interesting things to see and do. Why don’t you visit it, but be careful not to fall in love with it 🙂 And now that Croatia is in the European union a lot of things are improving like connections between cities, roads… That is of course connected with real estate, which is booming right now, because everybody wants a piece of heaven.

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