Long-haul plane flights can make passengers uncomfortable. Considering the changing temperatures on flight coupled with rumpled seats, one can attest that long plane flights can turn to be a torture. However, to be comfortable during the flight, there is a need to dress properly. This means that wearing wrong clothes on a plane have a high contribution to uneasiness experienced on long flights. Herein, we are discussing on what to wear on a plane to keep you comfortable during your long-haul flights.


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Leggings/ Legwear

It is recommended to wear support stocking or leggings during flight more particularly the expectant mothers. Those who have medical conditions and also those taking long-haul flights are encouraged to wear compression legwear. Leggings and socks facilitate good blood circulation in your body and this prevents your legs from swelling and also ensure that you don’t develop the deep vein thrombosis disease. Leggings do stretch together with your leg and also keeps you warm when the temperature on the plane cools down along the journey.


These are flat casual shoes that have their upper parts usually made of a cotton fabric or canvas and a sole that is flexible. The sole is made of esparto rope. The espadrilles are extremely comfortable kind of shoes to wear when on a long-haul plane flight. This kind of shoes do not harm your feet and this ensures that you are comfortable after sitting for long hours. Espadrilles are easy to slip off or on and this is helpful when you are passing through the security checks across airports. Since they are closed, they help in keeping you warm when the temperature on a plane cools down. This kind of shoes are designed for both ladies and gentlemen.

Clothes that are not tight and made of a good fabric

Herein we emphasize that deep vein thrombosis is a typical disease on long-haul flights. This comes when passengers sit in rumpled seats for a long time making them be vulnerable in developing blood clots. Research has shown that clothes that are too tight are capable of hindering the smooth flow of blood in your circulatory system. On this premise, it is strongly advised to wear stylish loose clothes that are less restrictive. Despite this, ensure that you maintain a good style lest you look like an escapee from the hospital. Breathable fabric made up of materials like cotton, linen or silk helps maintain comfort and keep you clean throughout the flight. This is important because fabrics that do not facilitate air circulation keep sweat to your skin and this will make you feel that you are very dirty.

Stylish clothing

During your flight, keep in mind to dress appropriately and in style. Despite giving comfort a priority during long flights, it is of paramount importance to put some efforts to look great. Wearing clothes that are in good fashion can help you feel great and boost your confidence. An example of clothes that you can wear during the flight is the t-shirt and the lounge pants that comes with a scarf, slip-on and expedient sweater. You can notice that all these clothes can be worn again after reaching your destination.


It is true that the temperatures in the plane are cooler than those in the outside. Basing on this, passengers are advised to bundle up so that they can avoid from getting too cold or very warm. Ideally, you can start with a vest from inside then a t-shirt followed with a shirt that is long-sleeved and finally cover yourself with a sweater or a hoodie. On top of this, nowadays flight companies provide their passengers with shawls during their long-haul flights. When it gets hotter, it will be necessary and easier to remove the layers.

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